The Black Film: digital counterpoints

The Black Film: digital counterpoints

February 2016


neo~local design


A graphic ‘style exercise’, the black film is both a motion-graphics product presenting the virtual and social dimension of Sardinia’s participation to the Expo, and a subtle way to play with multimedia and exhibit design.


The black film is the nocturnal version of the white film, whose narrative is doubled in the film through the language of motion graphics. Conceived as the element of an iconic play of contrasts and similarities, the black film is the conceptual joint of the design of a series of idents, thought to animate Sardinia’s presence at the Expo.

Possibly the most representative among the audiovisual products that Alghero’s Animazionedesign research lab developed for the Expo project, the black film presents a completely parallel story to that of its white ‘twin’, but its voice is abstract and dynamic. Themes and atmospheres, that run in parallel in the two films, are here interpreted through a language composed of motion-graphic innuendos.

Apart form having been conceived as a ‘style exercise’, just like with yin-yang the black film is a completion of the white: its dual, complementary vision.

A strong metaphor of the strategic concept we devised for the Expo project, that can be found on every single of the designs we came up with for the exhibit.


Nicolò Ceccarelli

Associate Professor, Alghero School of Design


Associate Professor in Design at the Alghero Department of Architecture, Design and Planning. Over the years he has oriented his research work towards the interactions between design and digital technology, exploring various research fields such as 3D modeling and design visualization, heritage valorization, the exploration of new languages for making information accessible, through visual design. In 2013 he organized and hosted the first edition of the international design conference 2CO_COmmunicating Complexity. More recently, in his research laboratory ‘animazionedesign’, he started exploring ways to develop a design approach aware of the local dimension, working abroad, in Morocco and Palestine, and in Sardinia, with a major research project at the 2015 Expo, a project about the dissemination of his University's historic scientific museum, and a multimedia installation for the PastFuture exhibit at Milan's Triennale.

After organizating and chairing the second edition of the international design conference 2CO_COmmunicating Complexity, Tenerife, Canary islands, Spain, November 2017, Nicolò is currently engaged in a new exciting project about visualizing the 'Statuti Sassaresi' a codex from the beginning of the 14th century