A creative laboratory to reposition the identity of the Sardinia Region

A creative laboratory to reposition the identity of the Sardinia Region

February 2016


neo~local design


A new corporate identity for Sardinia. A brand new layout for the strategic positioning the Region as ‘quality of life island’.


The participation of the Sardinia Region to Expo Milan 2015 was the opportunity for integrally re-thinking the strategic promotion of our Region.

The task of developing a plan to present Sardinia’s bests to the world was given to the ‘Creativity Lab’, a design think-thank put together with the collaboration to the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari. This brought a new vision, that of an Island ready to take the challenges and opportunities to respond to a market always looking for unique experiences, to be remembered and lived again.

The chosen approach has ignited a fruitful contamination between local know-hows, aimed at finding new ways to make new space for their best products in the area of quality natural food, and to combining them with Sardinia’s environmental excellence. A new approach, which found a synthesis in four keywords: quality of the food and of the environment, sustainable innovation and active longevity, needing to be presented in a totally new way. And finding the right balance between tradition and innovation was ultimately the key to combine the region’s strong identity with the urge to speak to the world.

An important challenge, that the creativity lab made its own and empowered, completely in line with the strategic visions of the Department of Tourism, Craftsmanship and Commerce. The result is an original, convincing and dynamic image of the Island, strongly tied with the values of such an unique, mythical land. An ‘endless’ Island that expresses its intimate soul, timeless as always, but from now on also opened to a contemporary dimension.


Francesco Morandi

Department Director, Regional Government of Sardinia


Francesco Morandi is Full Professor in law at the School of Economics of the University of Sassari, which he directed. Over the last two year he has Directed the Department of Tourism, Craftmenship and Commerce of the Regional Government of Sardinia.


Antonio Usai

Counsultant and marketing expert


Antonio Usai teaches strategic marketing at the University of Sassari’s Business and Management Department and at the Luiss Business School. Member of the board for the development od social and business relationship between China and North Sardinia, he has taken part in the Olbia based Master in touristic Marketing. As a consultant of Sardinian Regional Department of Tourism, Antonio Usai was in charge of the Expo project.ssari