Integrating Sound

Integrating Sound

February 2016


neo~local design


Expressly produced music tracks rhythmically support our films, combining traditional and contemporary sound.


Each of the four films we designed to present Sardinia at the Expo has its original music score, by Marco Testoni, aimed at combining modernity with tradition.
The indispensable reference to Sardinian’s traditional music encounters the sound of contemporary music.

The composer has interpreted each film, live action or animated, working on the piece’s specific character, in collaboration with the authors and the production team, in order to achieve specificity within a unique comprehensive project.
Although unique in its specific atmosphere, each of the tracks shares a common ground with the others: the general structure, the repetition of certain riffs, the tonality, the strong rhythmics. This has created a comprehensive musical set and a system of common signs, that ensure coordination and unity to the whole project.


editorial board

Nicolò Ceccarelli - Marco Sironi