The Grey Film: the island of a long life

The Grey Film: the island of a long life

February 2016


neo~local design


An experimental film to present Sardinia as the island of longevity, starting form its inhabitant’s good way of life.


The grey film is about longevity and is the result of an experimental research combining stop-motion with animated sewing and needlework.
The film’s two authors Michela Anedda and Erica Floris, have explored a technique usually combined to a decorative and abstract language, to narrate and suggest, through a formula based on loop sequences, how everyday’s cyclic repetition of gestures is at the heart of the island’s people style of life. 

Production took about four months, two of which to design and create the animation. The animated sequences where first traditionally drawn, the single frames where then transferred to a fabric surface and hand-sewn, stitch by stitch.
Finally, animation and movement were achieved by ‘substitution’, and integrated with other elements directly added by sewing on the fabric.



editorial board

Nicolò Ceccarelli - Marco Sironi