The Blue Film: communicating landscapes

The Blue Film: communicating landscapes

February 2016


neo~local design


The language of cinema to describe the environmental, historical and cultural values of the island.


The blue film uses the language of cinema to present an unknown image of Sardinia. The piece’s main goal was to convey through the moving image the island’s environmental, historical and cultural major assets.

Produced through a long and warm summer by Giovanni Saturno and Emanuel Serra, the film is the result of a series of short journeys in search of uncharted spots, away from the usual clichés. For this reason the authors have widely explored aerial cinematography, as a way to achieve a different vision on landscape.

The final editing continuously combines long shots with minute details; camera movements allow a dynamic atmosphere in a crescendo towards the end of the film, with the aim of accompanying the viewer in a true first hand travel experience.


editorial board

Nicolò Ceccarelli - Marco Sironi