Neo-Local Design Summer School 2015

Neo-Local Design Summer School 2015

November 2015


neo~local design


A survey on the 2015 Summer School’s design workshops: Souveniring, Communication Machines, Video Mapping.


Once again the Neo-Local Design Summer-School has been an opportunity to explore, through design workshops, possible connections between tradition and design innovation, exploring ways to valorize, communicate and re-interpret it in new ways.

Three parallel workshops, lead by design professionals and university researchers that share our design vision, have tackled domains that have different implication in terms of technical skills and design approach. The Souveniring group, lead by Gülname Turan, has worked on the idea of artifacts-memory as an approach to radically re-thinking souvenirs. The second workshop, lead by Rolf Leger and Alfredo Calosci, focused on physical objects-devices that take advantage of social networking to communicate values through interacting with people. The third ‘Virtual Cityscapes’, lead by Nicolò Ceccarelli with Enzo Gentile, has explored videomapping as a vehicle for the touristic valorization of historic heritage, resulting on visual projections of Alghero’s historic urban fabric in collaboration with the videomapping  International Augmented Med festival.


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Nicolò Ceccarelli - Marco Sironi