Design on the thread of tradition. A book by Federica Vacca

Design on the thread of tradition. A book by Federica Vacca

June 2015


neo~local design


As a consequence of market’s globalization and of the delocalization of production Italy faces a process of homologation of its regional identities and the de-personalization of production activities.


In this scenario, design offers itself as a practice for the exploration of the culture of making, typical of crafts, and of the design culture. Strategic actions, aimed at transforming local typical attitudes into products that meet the expectations of today’s market, can stimulate and develop the 'local systems' production and cultural skills. In this sense, the design process is enhanced by procedural meanings which unfold the close connection between cultural and material identity.

The book Design sul filo della tradizione (Design on the thread of tradition), by Federica Vacca, studies the flows of knowledge and skills that run between design and crafts, focusing on the textile-fashion sector. The book's thesis is that this very positive relationship is a potential innovation variable for producing singular objects, as well as an element of exploitation and preservation of the material culture connected to local traditions.

An updated  map of representative case studies for craftmanship in Italy.

The book aims to demonstrate that prestigious craft centers that contribute to Italy’s identity and uniqueness still exist, and that they are “silent witnesses” of ancient skills that after being handed down through time, generation after generation, can now become elements of innovation in their production sectors.


editorial board

Nicolò Ceccarelli - Marco Sironi