Vetro da Usare (Glass to use)

Vetro da Usare (Glass to use)

February 2015


neo~local design


Glass artifacts produced in the workshops of the Venetian Murano’s glassmasters are among the most famous examples of artistic craftsmanship, celebrated by the work of brands such as Venini, and by designers as Carlo Scarpa…


Vetro da Usare (Glass to use)  is the result of a project created and developed by Massimo Brignoni to investigate the role of design in process and product innovation for the artistic glass district of Murano.

Two design proposals developed during the project.

Eighteen architects and designers and ten glassmasters collaborated through the various steps of the project, from concept to prototyping, to create eighteen new artistic glass products. A collection of  ideas that prefigure  possible new types and forms of expression or technologies.
The experience ended  with an exhibition, held during the twelfth Biennale of Architecture in Venice.

The designers involved in the project were: P. Lomazzi, P. Orlandini, Blumerandfriends of R. Blumer and M. Borghi, R. Mangiarotti, M. Brignoni, B. Rasmussen, Itlab of F. Basaldella, M. Cazzaro, M. Checchin, O. Barmine, Coscadesign of L. Casarotto and P. Costa, M. Barbierato, G. Di Gregorio, K. Shiina, C. Dupuis, M. Paialunga, A. Cero, G. Planas and M. Manrique, C. Muro and M. Mariné, T. Lombardo.

The Glass workshop/masters involved in the project were: Nason Moretti, Amadi, Oball, Striulli, Yalos, Cimarosto, Veveglass, Dimensione Vetro.


Massimo Brignoni

Researcher, University of San Marino


A researcher at the University of S.Marino/IUAV (Venice school of Architecture and Design), Massimo is a designer with a wide expertise in innovation through design in the ancient craft of Venetian glassblowing. He conceived the “Vetro da usare” workshop, in which 18 designers collaborated with ten of Venice’s finest glass workshops. He has also been manager and coordinator of design/craft research projects in Vietnam, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.