Sardegna Artigianato / Sardinian Craftsmanship: an archive

Sardegna Artigianato / Sardinian Craftsmanship: an archive

January 2015


neo~local design


A database-showcase of Sardinia’s artistic craftsmanship, Sardegna Artigianato offers an interesting insight on the island's lively contemporary craft scene.


Sardinia Artigianato (Crafts in Sardinia) is a showcase of Sardinia’s contemporary artistic craftsmanship.
Conceived and coordinated by Roberta Morittu and funded by the regional Department of Tourism and Handicrafts, the project presents the products and the stories of a representative selection of artisans based in Sardinia.

The collection takes the form of a very neat and flexible multimedia archive. It is structured by materials and products and encompasses work of craft workshops operating with glass, wood, leather, baskets, ceramics, woven fabrics, metal, fabrics, cutlery, jewelry linking to the Archive for further details on materials and techniques.

The project presents stunning pictures by Pierluigi Dessì offering an interesting insight on the lively contemporary craft scene in the island.



Roberta Morittu

Designer, Cagliari


A professional with wide expertise in craft re-thinking, Roberta has a long-time experience in managing cooperation projects on craftsmanship in Morocco and Algeria. As co-designer of the ‘Domo Biennale of Sardinian Crafts’, she was recently awarded the ‘Compasso d’oro’ Award. Last year, Roberta started teaching interior design at our Department.