September 2017


neo~local design


A small exhibit at the Nivola Museum in Orani, Sardinia, unveils an original and intimate side of the formal research of the italian designer Michele de Lucchi.


The Haystack object is possibly the architectural shape for excellence: pure, essential, unique. It looks the same from any side you look at it, is a recognizable sign in the scenery, it acts on the landscape discretely and with beauty. It is a shape capable of changing our own mental landscape.

It is hard to find anything more suited than this observation by Michele de Lucchi to introduce the Haystacks/Pagliai exhibit, about to close at the Museo Nivola, in Orani (Sardinia) – which presents some recent work by the well-known italian designer.

The exhibit's pictures are by Alessandro Floris

Curated by Giuliana Altea, Antonella Camarda and Richard Ingersoll, smartly exhibited by Alessandro Floris, the exhibit gathers a vast number of small wooden objects, carved personally by de Lucchi in his house’s workshop in Angera, Lago Maggiore.

De Lucchi’s haystacks stand out for their compactness, obtained by superimposing elements.
The exhibit offers an intimate and private side of one of Italy’s more representative designers, who, through the Olivetti years, the radical-design season and today’s maturity, never lost that – very italian – attitude of combining elegance with design meaning.

June 30 - September 15, 2017
Museo Nivola, Orani (NU)



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