Design and Identity. Designing for places

Design and Identity. Designing for places

February 2017


neo~local design


A book by Stefano Follesa re-writes a map for designing things, beyond modern’s euphoria for the uniform and the global.


It isn’t true that design needs necessarily to be ‘without place’, in deference to the ideology of the standard: Follesa’s book shows an approach to a design that cares about each place’s specificity, capable of collecting sets of signs that always belong ‘from somewhere’.

Design and identities dialogue in the presence of places, as they define themselves through continuous contamination – like something spurious, set up, never ‘alike’.


The book helps re-thinking about designs that are not indifferent to the richness of places. Helps re-launching design beyond the dead ends of modernity and of global uniformity: to re-open a careful dialogue with tradition and with the cultural value of local production practices.


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