The Green film: Sustainable Research

The Green film: Sustainable Research

May 2017


neo~local design


Two minutes for four micro stories narrating ways to combine creatively technology and sustainability.


Last in a series of audiovisuals made for an Expo 2015-related research project, the Green film combines the expressive potential of animated graphics and the influence of illustrations to present some examples of sustainable innovation in Sardinia.

The project revolves around four meaningful case studies, selected by type of intervention and size, and geographical distribution across the island. The examples presented encompass new forms of fish nursing for tuna (Carloforte), and the creative ways to turn wool waste from sheep farming to a precious insulating material for the construction business (Guspini), the development of eco-pesticides (Sassari) as well as the studies on how to extend the shelf life of baked food (Porto Conte Ricerche).

Part of a family of audiovisual products – designed by our lab to promote the Region of Sardinia at the 2015 Expo – the green film is edited to share a common structure with its fellow films, to blend with them in order to bring to life an integrated multimedia show.


The movie’s visual language combines a simple black and white outline style recalling children’s coloring books, used in the narrative sections, with collage-like photography animated insert that used to describe the four projects’ actual contents.
In the final scene, the black and white space is filled with color, icons and moving elements, alluding to the possibility to export and share new approaches to new forms of development.

Graphic design and animations by Sabrina Melis


Sabrina Melis

AnimazioneDesign Research Lab


Illustrator, graphic and motion designer. Junior researcher at AnimazioneDesign Research Lab.