Magazines: ‘Artigianato’ (Craftsmanship), between art and design

Magazines: ‘Artigianato’ (Craftsmanship), between art and design

April 2017


neo~local design


A magazine that has critically explored the fields of craftsmanship and applied arts, looking for possible intersections with the design culture.


Directed by Ugo la Pietra from 1994 to 2009, the magazine reflects the indefatigable efforts of an anomalous designer, a relentless approach in the exploration of the dialogue between artisan knowledge and design culture: design (not only industrial) and (more or less) applied arts.

The magazine has hosted contributions form key authors – Gillo Dorfles, Vittorio Fagone, Anty Pansera, Enzo Biffi Gentili... – and enlighting examples on materials, way to process them, craft districts, that make of it something clearly different from an institutional house organ.

The whole series is freely available on-line, on Issuu and in the Fondazione Cologni pages, along with Mestieri d’Arte & Design (both in italian and english), which is the magazine’s on-going development.


editorial board

Nicolò Ceccarelli - Marco Sironi