Design as an open piece: Cyrcus, by Denis Santachiara

Design as an open piece: Cyrcus, by Denis Santachiara

December 2016


neo~local design


An online platform to explore the potential of new ways to design, produce and distribute goods.


The product of Denis Santachiara’s curiosity and enthusiasm,, is a virtual space that explores the implications of design, as it faces the most recent technologies of digital production. Different design figures confront with what is today possible thanks to cad’s high definition and on demand productions made possible by cnc and 3d printing. A new way that overcomes the need to design for the large numbers of an industrial model as we once knew it. Since we can today produce things without a factory and a warehouse, and we can present renderings of a virtual artifact to be produced after we have sold them, optimizing the spare time of 2.0 digital workshops.

G. Iacchetti, Anellove: two names morphing each other.
D. Santachiara, funerary urn for one’s beloved pet.

Among the project’s strengths is product personalization, which can take place either before production (Iacchetti’s ring, Santachiara’s funerary urn), by adapting a template file to the buyer’s specific needs (taste, name), or implying an active intervention by the user that can modify and finish-up an artifact that is delivered incomplete (Ulian’s vases, the shelves-kit by King & Miranda). 

A showroom for products, as well as a platform for debate and experimentation, presents designs, small series, some famous designer’s tests, opening its doors to the contributions of many talented designers looking for their space.

P. Ulian, vase to be ‘completed’ by the user.
King & Miranda, Fold-it!: kit for maing shelves.



editorial board

Nicolò Ceccarelli - Marco Sironi