Communicating quality, sustainably

Communicating quality, sustainably

July 2017


neo~local design


Is it possible to promote local foods through a ‘sustainable approach’ towards a communication capable to encorporate design’s usefulness and ethical values?


Communicating sustainability was the theme of a Master program held at the Alghero Department of Architecture, Design and Planning, aimed at exploring how graphic design can be as a useful tool to promote, among other things, the quality of small local food products that make the richness of a territory.

Among many others, here’s two projects carried out during the program.

Thought for a consortium of small honey producers scattered over the territory, Matteo Ruggiu’s project is an auto-production kit of the graphic solutions – design identity, printed matter – to convey effectively the value of Sardinia’s local product. The simple producer can stand out, as the witness of his product’s authenticity, becoming an active actor of a community that re-gains its identity also thanks to its products’ image.

By designing the identity for a wine cellar, Federica Carta plays with rediscovering signs in the local environment, taking back his suggestions and implicit tales, to suggest the ancient origins of today’s quality.


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