Lussu House, conversing with the loom

Lussu House, conversing with the loom

July 2017


neo~local design


In the home of Emilio Lussu, Italian writer and politician, a small workshop pursues the rediscovery of Sardinian traditional handmade weaving. To secure an existing knowledge, but looking forward.


In the Armungia family house, in the Sardinian’s region of Gerrei, Tommaso Lussu and Barbara Cardia carry on a long-term research on the traditional patterns of Sardinian weaving. They have recovered the traditional wooden orizontal looms and the original matrices used for the unusual litzos technique, keeping alive, before it could fall into oblivion, an ancient oral tradition.

The sardinian wool used for the warp is dyed with natural essences, extracted from local spontaneous flora, while in their products Tommaso and Barbara experiment with new formats, chromatic combinations and the insertion of new materials in the weft. The ‘dynamic conservation’ approach allows to combine the quality of ancient ways of weaving with innovation through an open attitude towards design. Casa Lussu hosts cultural events and workshops, and collaborates with designers and university centers.



Marco Sironi

Designer and scholar at DADU


(Graphic) designer and scholar, focused on the idea of place, his background combines design skills and practice in literature. In Milan he has taught visual identity and basic design for graphics; collaborates with our Department (teaching Graphic and Product Design) since the beginning of the Design in Alghero venture.