Giuliana Altea

Associate professor, University of Sassari


Associate professor of Contemporary Art History at the University of Sassari. Giuliana is the President of the Fondazione Costantino Nivola).

In 2013 she headed the team in charge of the project of the PAD, a new museum of Crafts and Design in Sassari, Sardinia. She curated many exhibitions, among them the XIX Biennial of Sardinian Craft DOMO, awarded in 2011 with the Compasso d'Oro ADI, and Past Future. Craft Design in Sardinia at the Milan Triennale (2017). Her research interests include the interconnections between the feminine, the primitive, the decorative, post-WW II graphics (essays on the prints of Léger, Rouault, Moore, etc.) and, more recently, the reception of Italian art in the US at mid-century and the international debate about the synthesis of the arts.