neo~local design

Re-thinking local knowledge as a major asset and using design as a vehicle to combine tradition with innovation …

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Neolocal design is a blog open to contribution from experts, designers, craftsman and anybody wishing to share experiences, references or thoughts on the relation between tradition and innovation through design.

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neo~local design

At the end of the hot summer

This summer’s extra heat has affected many things, including our strenght in closing this issue. But here we are, with a fine selection of all our favorite neo-local ingredients. We hope you will enjoy them too.


The Alghero Architecture Design and Planning Department (DADU) is pleased to announce the Neo Local Design initiative.

a series of events to re-think design as the vehicle to combine tradition with innovation, rediscovering local knowledge as a major asset.


neo~local design is made by:

 Nicolò Ceccarelli  Attilio Baghino  Alfredo Calosci  Marco Sironi
with the unavoidable help of many other people ...

date update
June the 28th 2019 NLD_03 Summer School
May the 11th 2017 the Blog: issue #02 is now on line
September the 24th 2015 Neo Local Design: the Blog. Issue #00 is out
September the 19th 2014 Summer School's Registration Form Available
September the 12th 2014 Web Site Launched
September the 9th 2014 2014 Summer School Announced